Nothing Will Be Restrained

This short film essay looks at how man has built and talked about elemental architecture forms since the Tower of Babel. It takes the viewer inside the ArcelorMittal Orbit for the first time as well as placing it in historical context. I made it with Simona Piantieri, who I first worked with on her film about the Shard. Less about the merits of the structure itself, I like to think that it asks important questions about how we judge architecture and art in a modern society.


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4 Responses to Nothing Will Be Restrained

  1. MM Jones says:

    Its amazing to listen to how self-satisfied Kapoor and Balmond are about their dull mess. They really think they’ve done something that will transcend the ages. The don’t even recognize how unoriginal it is.

    • cosmopolitanscum says:

      In it’s defence, I would say that the Orbit is many things but ‘dull’ is not one of them. A mess certainly but even one of its many detractors, Douglas Murphy, admits he finds it endlessly fascinating. The reasons why it is a mess and what that means is also interesting. The odds are that this structure will be around in 30 years so the fact is that it will, in one very mundane way, ‘transcend the ages’. Why do you think it is unoriginal?

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