Great piece on the stupidity of UNESCO status by Richard Williams.


A question via twitter from ‘Feria Urbanism’ (hi there..): should Liverpool fear the loss of UNESCO World Heritage Site status? The question refers to Peel Holdings’ ‘Liverpool Waters’, 60 hectares of waterfront office and retail development. My reply? No – not that the loss of UNESCO status is unlikely, but that the city shouldn’t fear it. I say this through experience of two cities where UNESCO status, however well meant, has been negative in impact.

First, Brasilia. Here, Lucio Costa’s monumental pilot plan for the city has been preserved since 1987, with the effect that this is one of the few places where you can still have a completely immersive experience of late 1950s modernism. This is great for art historians and their students, and indeed, for me – belting along the 14km Eixo Rodoviaria (Highway Axis) on a sunny day is one of the great experiences of twentieth century…

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