Got That Ring of Confidence


This is the plan for the recently completed terminal at Indianopolis Aiport. It’s built in the “midfield” area of the present airport, between the two main runways. The heart of the terminal building is a a central gathering point whose circular shape is deliberately intended to recall the shape of the City’s central public space, Monument Circle. It’s even grandiosely called the civic plaza and is even supposed to provide public event space and enable visitors to sample the character of Indianapolis and the region. It’s topped off with a 61m diameter skylight.  The total area of the new terminal is 111,000 square metres. It’s got 40 gates, 10,000 light fixtures and its building from 11,000 tons of stell. It’s got 10 moving walk ways, 23 Elevators and 10 Esclators and 40 departure/arrival gates.  The Indianapolis Airport is designed by Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, Inc. otherwise and better known as HOK, the company that used to own HOK Sport  which designed the Emirates Stadium and has just changed its name to the frankly daft Populous.  Indianopolis cost $1.1 billion to build.


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