These Boys Take Some Beating

They could’ve just said, ‘we pay engineers well in Norway and value their contribution to society’ but they didn’t. This instead is how they advertise for young engineers on the other side of the North Sea. Hydro is a global, integrated aluminium and hydroelectric power company which is as old as the Norwegian state itself. In the early twentieth century when the company was founded Norway was one of the poorest nations in Europe. Now thanks largely to the way it has managed its power resources, distributed its wealth and invested in light and heavy technology, it is one of the richest. Our wealth from the North Sea was used to fill in for the decrease in taxation revenue and increase in our tax burden prompted by the decision to let heavy industry go to the wall and de-regulate our financial markets ; the very system which has just reared up and bit us in the knackers. 

Mind you, they can’t get enough of our football on their TV so I suppose these things even out…


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