North vs South VS East vs West

Good ol’ Igster has become the darling of the London Paper and BBC London AND the Metro with this lovely little film, which turns Google’s Streetview into a narrative device as opposed to an orientation device. Tellingly Igster created the film first, taking about 6 hrs to record the footage. Then he sped it up around 1500%. It was only then that the he wrote the song and recorded it with friends as a bit of a laugh. 

I’m not a huge fan of the song but the video is brilliant. (It might be worth turning it down.) Without wanting to get too BLDGBLOG about it, the film imagines what it would be like if the underground was overground, which is a nice inversion. It’s a lovely bit of wish fulfillment too speeding through the city.  It also neatly references the London to Brighton series of films, which began in 1953 with a 4 minute time lapse of the journey, then went down to three minutes in the 1980s. And then two minutes a bit later. Igster’s journey though was never undertaken by a single individual. It is the result of one individual finding his way through the exhaustive photographic work of a whole fleet of photographers. 

Despite having several branch lines, the Northern is still the spine of the city’s transport infrastructure north to south and much improved on the dark days of the 1990s. It would be strange to have it split into two separate lines as was planned, although this does seem to have gone on the back-burner since Crossrail was announced and the Olympics development got undeway. It seems as if London is becoming increasingly divided along its east-west axis by planners rather than its north-south one as it still the way most of its inhabitants do, I think.


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