City Comforts

The Lost Tribes of New York City

This is a beautiful little film which, no doubt, will be ripped off very shortly for an advertising campaign. Ostensibly its a groovy New York version of Nick Park’s Aardman work, specifically Creature Comforts. However, its got a lot more charm than that and it works on many levels. One thing that I love about it though is the way it acknowledges the personality of a city’s immediate architecture; the focus it places on the incidental, accidental beauty of the street and how important that is to the enjoyment of a place.

New York is really more about these phone boxes and newspaper stands than the skyscrapers. The latter are impossible to take in other than as a general presence looming over ones head. As a consequence I thought New York felt strangely quiet when I went there because of these big sentinels leering down on you from another age. The only way you can really take in a skyscraper is like this or as an image in a magazine or a book. 

It also highlights the importance of the individual personality to the history of a place. These are the people that have made New York. It’s also a brilliant piece of animation and… weirdly found through a link posted by er, Russell Brand, on his *cough* Twitter… I should hang my head in shame, I know. But hey, good film. And its made by a couple called the Londons. Good work, people.


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