The Author

Tim is a former Editor-in-Chief at the Canadian Centre of Architecture and editor of Blueprint. He has also written about architecture and design for a range of magazines including Architectural Review, Icon, Wired and New Statesman. He’s also lectured (at Birkbeck and Mancester University) and curated (at the Royal Academy and the CCA) Here is some of the work that I have done for major publications:

New Relationship
Architectural Review, September 2015
In an industrial quarter of Milan, OMA has created a dialogue which questions our relationship with the past and proposes a new way of posing an eternal architectural question. read more…

A new line on Rennie Mackintosh, the Glasgow genius
The Times February 2015
Charles Rennie Mackintosh is one of the leading figures of late 19th and early 20th Century architecture. An new exhibition reconsiders his more…

Post-Match Analysis
Icon November 2014
The 2014 World Cup in Brazil rekindled the debate about the legacy of sporting events. But few people made the aesthetic case read more… 

Computers in Theory and Practice
Architectural Review April 2013
A landmark new exhibition at the CCA unearths the story of four projects, which taken together show how the computer has radically changed architectural design. read more…

Send to Print: Print to Send
Icon February 2012
For two years now we’ve been told about the potentials of 3D printing as a means of revolutionising design, but now we have some idea how this may happen. read more…
Reinventing the Tower
Wired February 2012
The Orbit tower reaches its conclusion but how did this manic swirl of a tower come into being? And how does it stay up? read more…